HI7042S Dissolved Oxygen Electrolyte Solution (30 mL)

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HI7042S Dissolved Oxygen Electrolyte Solution (30 mL)


The HI7042S electrolyte fill solution has been developed for Hanna’s galvanic dissolved oxygen probes. Having the correct electrolyte solution is crucial to the performance of your dissolved oxygen probe.

Convenient dropper bottle

Made with reagent grade chemicals


HI7042S is designed to refill the electrolyte solution for galvanic dissolved oxygen probes. Galvanic sensor technology requires no external voltage since the difference in potential between the cathode and anode is greater than 0.5 volts. Galvanic DO sensors consist of two electrodes, a zinc anode and silver cathode, both of which are immersed in electrolyte solution. An oxygen permeable membrane separates the anode and cathode from the water being measured. Oxygen diffuses across the membrane and interacts with the probe internals to produce an electrical current that is proportional to the concentration of oxygen in a solution.


Description dissolved oxygen electrolyte solution, galvanic
Certificate of Analysis no
Package bottle
Quantity 1
Size 30 mL