Dispersing Agent - HI93703-51

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Dispersing Agent - HI93703-51


HI93703-51 Dispersing agent is for use with specific methods in Hanna’s line of photometers. This easy to use dropper bottle ensures that any unwanted turbidity present in the sample is removed prior to measurement, helping to provide accurate readings every time.

Convenient dropper bottle

Marked with expiration date and lot number

Light tight bottle


Making sure that there is no turbidity present in a sample is important in colorimetric measurements. Turbidity can occur in samples as a result of chemical interactions in certain photometric methods. Turbidity interferes with the transmittance of light through the sample and can lead to inaccurate readings if not removed. The dispersing agent removes this turbidity allowing for accurate measurements.

Package Dropper bottle
Quantity 1 dropper bottle
Size 20 mL