HI98703-58 Silicone Oil (15 mL)

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HI98703-58 Silicone Oil (15 mL)


HI98703-58 silicone oil is for use with Hanna’s line of turbidity meters. This easy to use dropper bottle ensures the glass cuvette used for turbidimetric measurements remains free from imperfections and scratches, helping to provide accurate readings every time.

Convenient dropper bottle

Marked with lot number and expiration date

Light tight bottle


The glass cuvette is an important component of the optical system in all colorimetric and turbidimetric measurements. Light reaches the sample by first passing through the cuvette glass. Based on the sample, the light is absorbed, transmitted, or scattered. As a result, the measurement can be affected if the cuvette glass has imperfections, dirt, dust, scratches, or fingerprints present.

To hide minor imperfections and scratches, the outer surface of the cuvettes should be oiled with the HI98703-58 silicone oil. The silicone oil has the same refractive index as the glass and will not alter the turbidity readings. Applying silicone oil is very important, especially for low turbidity samples (< 1 NTU), as scratches and imperfections in the glass can alter turbidity readings. Simple apply a few drops of oil onto a clean, dry cuvette and wipe thoroughly with a lint-free cloth. Wipe off the excess oil till you obtain a thin, uniform layer and the cuvette appears nearly dry, with no visible oil.

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Certificate of Analysis No
Package Dropper bottle
Quantity 1
Size 15 mL